the best music on the Internet...

Welcome to, your portal to the best music on the Internet.  Here you'll find links to solid-gold CFM, and CFM Country
 In addition to listening over your computer, you can listen with Wi-Fi Radios, SmartPhones, or even on your car radio.  The intent of this web site is to give you access to our programming, and simple, general instructions on how to listen.

solid-gold CFM plays Top-40 hits, all oldies, all the time.  Specializing in the hits of the 50's and 60's.

CFM Country plays today's best Country, and your favorites of yesterday.

To listen over your computer, you will need a media player.  Window's comes with Window's Media Player. You should be able to go to station program page, click on the "LISTEN WITH" "WINDOW'S MEDIA PLAYER" link
and hear the station you selected.

If you need a media player, you can download one from the links below.  Winamp is recommended, download the free version, without any add on's.


    WINAMP                          WINDOW'S MEDIA PLAYER                            REAL PLAYER                             QUICKTIME                              

the best music on the Internet...

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